Caillou - Mandarine / LTP2000
PC demo, made in 48h, based on an existing engine - Tu0, Analogue, Kenet, RR, AK, Danube, Fra
COULOIR 14 / VIP3 (2001)
PC demo - Xbarr, RR, Fra.
Red Line - Mandarine+Condense / EQUINOXE PARTY 2oo3
PC demo - Norecess, Jylam, Mikl, Fra, Med, RedRibbon
Amiga Memories (ep 0 & 1) - Mandarine (Released in 2013)
PC demo/youtube channel using the GameStart3D engine - Fra, HitBit911, Gregos, Radix, Lluvia and other misc contributors.
Within the Mesh - Mandarine / Evoke 2013
PC Win32 Demo - Alkama, Fra, P0lym0rph, Xbarr.
Source code available here, released under the MWTFPL.
Emulation Camp - Mandarine
PC Win32 Mini demo using the GameStart3D engine - Med, Fra.
Released to announce the return of Emulation Camp.
Unusual Suspects - Mankind and Mandarine
An Amiga OCS demo, written 100% in OS-friendly C. Erk, Fra, Gelmir, P0lym0rph and Ptoing
Ptoing had these beautiful pixelart portraits, so I decided to make my first Amiga demo using SAS/C. Erk supplied a beautiful music.
It ranked 2nd at the Evoke 2014, to my great surprise. The (ugly) source code can be found on my Github.
Zerofx - Defence Force
An "amiga cracktro"-inspired Oric intro for Kindergarden's 20th birthday. Count Zero, Dbug, Fra.
In may 2014, I started to doodle a few bitmaps for the Oric computer. Despite the limited capabilities of the Oric's video chip, I found this both fun and challenging.
Initiated by Dbug, this project is my first collaboration with Defence Force. There's more to come, I hope...
System-Zoetrope - Mandarine
An Amiga OCS demo, written in C using the graphics.library (ROM 1.3) only. Ildebe, Fra.
Started as an attempt to code an intro in classic early 90's Amiga style. While struggling with the performances of the graphics.library on a Motorola 68000,
the demo ended up with this strange pink style to workaround its technical shortcommings.
Ranked 3rd at the Outline 2015, Netherlands. Source code on Github
Zsenilia - Resistance
An intro for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis game system, written in C using the SGDK. Grass, Nainain, 4Play and Fra.
My first release for the SEGA console, created in 3 weeks just before Christmas. This intro uses the hardware sprites to display Lissajou parametric trajectories.
Music was created by Nainain using TFM-Music Maker and is replayed using the XGM driver of the SGDK.
Ranked 4th at the Under Construction 2015, Gernsheim, Germany. Source code on Github
Malabars Bumper - Resistance
A demo for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis game system, written in C using the SGDK. Koyot1222, Gelmir, Sim1, Grass, Nainain, 4Play and Fra.
This demo is the result of 3 months of hard work. It started as an intro, ended up as a full demo with half a dozen of different screens and fx.
Probably the first demo to feature 2D physics on the SEGA console. Ranked 4th at the Solskogen 2016, Norway. Source code on Github